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Cha(rlotte) & (ca)Chis


Cycling around the world "de mi casa a tu casa"

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We are Charlotte and Cachis, a Belgian-Mexican couple.

"After both working as architects, our shared enthusiasm to discover the world convinced us to leave it all and travel by bicycle."

We weren’t great athletes but with time we adapted and learned a lot from this surprising “cycling nomadic” lifestyle to the point of asking ourselves after a few months: why not try to cycle until Mexico? “De mi casa a tu casa”!

When we started, we had no idea that after 21 months and 25.000km, we would finally arrive in Mexico City and that we would definitely want to go for more!!!

"This adventure has been amazing and learning full for both our body and mind."

We love to share pictures, videos, daily stories, tips and tutorials on IG, FC and YT. We share our vision of the world, hope for a sustainable future and love to show all the benefits of travelling by bicycle sharing it with you.

Our current challenge is about sharing our past adventures in a comic book, helping the association Magtayaní and going back to Belgium by bicycle. If you have any advice, idea, question or would like to say hello, we’d love to hear from you!



 We started our travel following the Danube River through Europe. Then, we followed the northern coast of Turkey until Georgia and Azerbaijan. We took a ferry from there to reach Kazakhstan and continue along the Silk Road through Central Asia.Thanks to a transit visa in Russia, we cycled through Siberia to enter in Mongolia. We crossed the country and arrived in China by the Gobi Desert. From Weihai, we took a ferry to South Korea. Back in China, we cycled near the Tibetan area and headed south until Laos and Thailand.

We decided to fly from Bangkok to San Francisco so that we could reach Mexico at some point (“De mi casa a tu casa”!). We crossed the border in Tijuana, cycled the Baja California, reached Durango through the famous road called "El Espinazo del Diablo" and headed to Mexico City passing by all the colonial cities.


"After 21 months and more than 25,000 km, we finally reached Carlos’s home! Click on the map for more details."


We are grateful that we could cycle all the way from Belgium to Thailand without being forced to fly because of visas or weather issues. This cycling pace allowed us to appreciate all the changes in the landscape and the different cultures. We are so happy to experience this minimalist, physically demanding and rewarding adventure and we are even more excited to do our best and try to share it!

"We are now planning to go back to Belgium, cycling first through Latin America, Africa and Europe."

If you would like to know more about travelling by bicycle, if you have any doubts or questions about the equipment or simply would like to discover new places through our pictures and videos, do not hesitate to contact and follow us on Instagram.


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Given the effects of global warming and the inefficiency of adaptation and mitigation strategies created by the Mexican government, many coffee producers chose to abandon their crops for animal breeding. However, even with difficulties, some coffee growers organize themselves independently and look for alternatives to face the effects of the climate crisis.
"Grupo juvenil Magtayaní A.C. helps more than 500 people, promotes a circular economy and we'd like to support them. Click on Magtayaní logo to learn more about the project."


WORLD PREMIER 15/06/2020

"Our current challenge is about sharing our past adventures in a comic book with our beloved fellows “the Chachis” (BE-MX), helping the association Magtayaní and going back to Belgium by bicycle while continue to share our future cycling adventures with you ((MX-BE)."


Depending on your donation, we commit ourselves to help the community of Mecatlan (thanks to the Magatyaní association) to persevere the coffee culture. We will give you the amount of trees YOU will help to plant and make you discover the flavor of their delicious coffee fair trade and from a circular economy.


We commit ourselves to edit a comic book full of little stories (with our two characters "the Chachis" that you already know), but also full of advice and information about every country we went through. We will introduce to you the comic book and we will even offer you chapters in exclusivity!


Your donation, we will also help us with the maintenance of our bicycles and equipment. And of course, we commit ourselves to continuing to share our adventure through photos, videos, daily stories, etc.